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Free Job Posting and Resume Services for IT Consulting Firms and consultants

You are running your own small IT consulting firm. You have 10s of IT consultants on bench and must be assigned to their next project as soon as possible.

You have always been wondering that, if email services are free, if online disk storage services are free, then why on earth an IT job portal is not available free?

Your prayers are answered., a completely free IT job portal, is here to allow you to not only market your own consultants but also if you have a job opening for your own client you can post them too.

It has nifty way of posting and managing job and resume both. It also protects your consultants from being contacted directly. Anybody interested in hiring your consultant must go through you. is still in growing phase and with time it will be powerful online tools for small IT consulting firms.

Secret Ingredients to a successful recruiter

1. Work Ethics –

Every IT company have all of the major IT job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and Each IT recruiting firm also likely boasts of having a robust internal candidate database.

Therefore, the placements typically go to the IT recruiter who works the hardest to find the best possible candidate for each position.

Secret ingredients of hard work is

  • First one in the office: Once again, due to the overwhelming number of IT recruiters around the country, a successful IT recruiter has to beat the competition to the best candidates on the market. This means they have to contact them first.
  • Focused throughout the day: Most IT recruiting companies have more IT jobs than IT recruiters. Therefore, the best IT recruiters keep an eye out for all open positions and provide candidates to multiple IT job orders.

2. Determination force:

An IT recruiter’s determination force will fuel their work ethic. Simply put, if the person isn’t driven to succeed, and determined to strive for success, then it doesn’t matter how hard he or she works. The drive and determination will help them persevere through the good and bad times in the IT recruiting industry.

Clear and concise goals often fuel an IT recruiter’s drive to succeed. The individual should create these goals themselves. Regardless of how big or small in nature, it should be something personal that the IT recruiter strives for.

3. Perseverance:

This is a key component to a successful IT recruiter’s anatomy. The reality is that there are continual ups and downs in the IT recruiting world due to the fact that you’re working with people. A candidate can be available today, then off the market tomorrow. A person can be happy with their job in one instant, then decide to resign (or even worse, not show up) the next.

Therefore, those who persevere are often the people who do well in the IT staffing industry.

4. Organization:

Although there is no substitute for hard work and the drive/determination to succeed, remaining organized in the IT recruiting industry is a critical component to success. An average IT recruiter talks to 25-50 prospective technology professionals every day. If he or she cannot file those candidates in a system in which they can easily find them in the future, then they will lose out on the placement.

The consequences are detrimentally significant. Not only do the IT recruiter and the IT staffing company lose out on the revenue, but the candidates themselves lose out on an opportunity that could have changed their lives. Additionally, this is just one example. If the IT recruiter is so unorganized that he or she cannot find any candidates, then you can compound these ramifications by 10x, 100x, etc.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how an IT recruiter organizes himself or herself. It doesn’t matter what system they use. It just matters that they have the ability to create a system, and then stick to it. No candidate should ever fall through the cracks.

5. Relationship Building:

The key to any sales position is being likable and having the ability to build relationships. For the most part, people buy from whom they like. Believe it or not, the IT recruiting industry is no different. All things being equal, a candidate might choose the contract IT job opportunity with the IT recruiter they enjoyed working with most.

Additional benefits of building strong relationships include:

  • Referrals: The candidate is more prone to refer the IT recruiter to additional friends or colleagues in the industry.
  • Reliability: The candidate is less likely to back out of a job opportunity or leave without providing professional notice.
  • Positive Feedback: The candidate will likely be more prone to speak highly about the IT recruiter and/or their respective IT staffing firm to their direct client manager. This could lead to the repeat business or even a referral to another client hiring manager or even a peer at a different company.

Bottom line, good things happen when an IT recruiter always looks to put his or her best foot forward. As a result, IT recruiters who build strong relationships have the ability to drive additional revenue and ultimately create a domino affect of positive consequences.

6. Communication:

Communication is a critical component to any successful job placement. The IT recruiter must first take the IT job information and accurately communicate that to the prospective candidate. There cannot be any exaggerated or misleading details. The IT recruiter must be transparent with all of the facts.

Conversely, the technical recruiter must thoroughly qualify each candidate, and then communicate the person’s experience, situation and interest level to the client.

The very best IT recruiters in the IT staffing industry are those who over communicate the needs of the client to the candidate, and the candidate’s experience/situation to the client.

7. Honesty/Integrity:

If there is a black mark on the IT recruiting industry it’s simply the fact that IT recruiters will only call candidates when they need them (i.e. when they can make money off of the candidate). More specifically, IT recruiters don’t call candidates back when they don’t get the job; they only call them when they do. This approach not only stains the IT staffing industry, it makes each candidate reluctant to work with technical recruiters in the future.

Good IT recruiters call everyone back. Good IT recruiters are open and honest about every prospective opportunity. Good IT recruiters simply treat others the way they would want to be treated in return.

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